Krystal Wolf Art & Arthropod Enthusiasm

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Handmade Spider Plush

Website under construction - part not yet done! Progress on this site may be slow, snail speed slow. Snails are not arthropods, but they're still okay.

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Lady Mantis and Servant, digital painting,

Website under construction - part not yet done! Also I'm still working on the painting too, there are some things I want to try to improve in it.

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Arthropod Survey

Website under construction - part not yet done, so here's a picture of Cuddles on a laptop, doing web development and sending passive aggressive emails to me asking me to stop making that joke.

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Hello! I like to make things. Also, I love arthropods! I don't study them or work with them, but I make arthropod art! Also, this website is under construction. Yes, my full first name is Krystal. I usually go by Krys because less syllables. Grammer & spelling bad. Me no care. Byeee. I'm going to change this later anyways. ok now bye.